This is me...

In my search for evolution from calligraphy to graffiti I have found several sites that I did not know existed! I have never heard of calligraffiti before. It is graffiti and calligraphy together. I am fascinated by it. There is something beautiful about it that I can not describe. I have now found the ‘missing link’ between calligraphy to graffiti, even though calligraphy is still widely known and used, most people know of graffiti more as it is everywhere thinkable. I like the idea of the combination and how different times and ages can come together to create something unique and beautiful. It is amazing how things that look like they shouldn’t be together find an attraction and become elegant in their being with one another. 

Something that we take for granted was not always around, it is strange to think that the alphabet was not there from the beginning. It proves that man is clever really. Could you have created the alphabet?